Space Makers
Got a tiny bedroom? Here's how to claim your pace and stretch it?

1. Take Cover! An often-overlooked space is the area under your bed. Dump all the little things that clutter up your room into storage baskets and stash them under your bed.

2. Get a sneaky nightstand. Stacked storage boxes can work as a makeshift nightstand. And they're great for stashing your clutter, too!.

3. Live Large. An instant way to double your room's size? Mount mirrors on one wall - they've visually expand the space.

4. Give your bed a secret identity! Pile on the pillow in the day and use as a sofa - perfect for having friends over. At night, remove some pillows and drift off to dreamland!.

5. Mount it. Shallow, built-in shelves will take up less space than bulky - store brought shelves.

6. Go Vertical! You can have shelves installed near your ceiling to hold all your books. Just make sure you have a sturdy stepladder on hand. Also, lose the stand fan - opt for a ceiling fan to free up some precious floor place.

7. Lighten Up. Paint your room in cool hues such us blues and whites to make it seem larger.

8. Be Ceiling Savy. If you paint your ceiling a shade lighter than your walls, your ceiling will appear higher, and your room will seem larger and airy.
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  1. Great ideas!

    I might add that when considering a ceiling fan for small rooms, Flush Mount or Hugger Ceiling Fans are a great choice.

    But be sure you get a good one though, because the cheap ones don't move any air and make noise so they won't do much to cool you off and will keep you awake at night. Good quality Flushmount Ceiling Fans will cost about $250 or more, but they will move lots of air and run quietly so you feel great and sleep tight.

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