10 Tips to Reduce Stress
  • How do you if your stressed?: Your body is the best indication of stress. Most often, headaches, body aches (neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, etc) stem from stress. In many cases, stomach aches, acid reflux and gastroinstestinal problmes are signs of stress as well. So the bottom line is: Listen to your body!

1. Write it out. Anything creative can help. Writing works because you channel the energy from something that's negative into something that's positive and satisfying. Keeping a journal, diary or blog could work in this case.

2. Pamper yourself. Take care of your-self - or go for a spa day!

3. Change your Focus. Go to a museum, read a book, see a movie, - focus on what makes you happy.

4. Calm Down. ~ Do those things that could help you to calm down...

5. Get Back to Nature ~ Reconnecting with nature helps decrease stress..

6. Me Time ~ Go for a quiet walk or sit in the park for a few minutes. In the stillness, you'll fell better.

7. Hit the Gym ~ Working out is good for the body and soul, and it's a great way of realeasing stress and tension. You release serotonin and dopamine when you exercise / work out.

8. Mediate. Take five to 10 minutes to close your eyes and clear your head of all thoughts. Think about breathing in good energy and breathing out whatever is causing the stress.

9. Laugh A Litte ~ Don't takr yourself, or life in general, too seriously. If it's not a life-or-death situation, relax!

10. Get creative ~ Cooking, sports, games, etc., makes use of our creative energies.

Note: The key warning to stress relief is to be aware that you are tense and to take not eof the unhealthy ways you to tend to deal with it. Eating too much, drinking alcohol, smoking and shopping are some of the common ways women deal with streess. Once you recognize that there are merely a temporary satisfaction and an automiatic response to stress, you change it. If you really must munch on something, opt for an apple, fruit, etc. instead of a box of chocolocates, donuts, etc. Reach for a bottle of juice instead of alcoholic drinks, and call your friends up for an afternoon of ranting and raving instead of breaking out your waller.

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