The Single Girl's Bible
"According Cosmpolitan January 2009"....

Have a Blast on New Year's Without a Date

  • Choose the right group to celebrate with. If you have friends who act really exclusive with their significant others (think tons of PDA), don't hang with them.
  • Plan you own-get together, whether it's cocktails at your place or mellow movie night where you and some pals forgo the requisite (and often overrated) festivities.
  • If you want to party hard, try to arrange to attend more than one bash. You'll be exited knowing you won't be stuck should one gathering turn out to be a dud for unattached chicks.
  • Decide ahead of time what you'll do when the ball drops and couple's start kissing. Call your best friend or sister who is celebrating elsewhere or uncork a bottle of champagne at the start of the countdown.
Convo Starters
  • Getting the cold shoulder isn't just saying. Being socially excluded can actually make people feel chilly, according to new research.
  • A study found that when puppies play, males often let the females win. The opportunity to play is more important to them than winning is, plus acting like a gentlemen may encourage females to choose them as a mate later.
Get a Heavy Bag Down From the Overhead Bin
  • Step 1: Grab the handle of the suitcase with your right hand, and pull it hallway out of the compartment so that it's balanced on the edge of the bin and tipped slightly toward you. At the same time, take s small step back and lean backward a bit. This ensures that your legs - rather than your back - are supporting the majority of the bag's weight.
  • Step 2: Slide you left hand under the bottom of the suitcase, and slowly lower it onto the closest aisle seat (wait for one to be vacated)
  • Step 3: Readjust your feet so they're hip-width apart and parallel to each other (to give you stability.) Bend your knees as you lift the bag and lower it to the ground.
How to Score a Great Table at a HotSpot
  • Tell the host it's a special occasion like a birthday.
  • If it's in your budget, preorder a nice bottle of wine - you'll look like a big spender
  • Dress up
Solo Ritual Stuart
  • Once a month on say a Friday afternoon or evening, stop by a local salon for a blow-out. You'll instantly feel more gorgeous, and it will set off the weekend on the right food...
The Pleasures of Sleeping Naked Alone?
  • It's a treat to be able to stretch out, so take advantage of the entire bed - savor the sensation of the soft pillow and smooth sheets... The physical acts of stripping off layers is mentally and emotionally freeing too. So concentrate on letting go of stress. It won't be long before you discover that the more solo time you spend in the buff, the more comfortable you feel in your own skin..
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