I just got a second blog....

I just got a second blog, but its on hubpages.. I will make a new one here in blogger.com, when i think of other things that i want to post. But for now, my blog here in Blogger, will be my main one, and the one on hubpages will be my second one... I have joined hub pages this past few days, and i have already posted 8 hubs so far. I like it as much as i like blogging here.. I am still learning more about hubpages. A friend told me, that i could earn money there, which would be nice, and i could use my blog here and hubpages to generate traffic..But i enjoy posting here and hubpages, even without earning...lol...

I will post the articles that i posted there here, but not just yet....

Here are some of the articles that i have placed on my hubpages...please give them a visit, if some of these topics interest you...

Make Me Over! - tips in cleaning your house

Eye Love
- ways on how to get perky eyes, eye care tips

Say Cheese!
- do's and don'ts in taking pictures and posing for pictures

Tips in Finding the the Perfect Dress

Let's Go Shopping! - shopping easily even your kids are with you..

How to Save Energy in the Kitchen
- tips on how to save energy in the kitchen area...

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