Old way, new Way

There's more than one way to make your rooms look all net and pretty!

You've been living in the same room for years, but not much has changed. Your parents can't complain because you keep it nice and clean, but someone you feel like your stuck in a rut. Time to shake things up a bit. It's out with the old, and in with the new. With a few tweaks, you can put a totally different spin on your room!

1. Fixing your bed.
  • Old way: A plain, hotel-like arrangement in a monochromatic color scheme and matching pillow.
  • New Way: Funky mix of colors and prints, and plush blanket thrown over the foot of the bed,
2. Displaying your pictures.
  • Old way: Photos in matching frames all evenly line up on a wall.
  • New way: Different frames in complementing colors and styles - unify everything by having a "theme wall" of photos (in this case, baby pictures of family members. You can also try family pics or pics with your friends)
3. Arranging your Books on Shelves
  • Old way: Books are standing at attention, simply arrange by height with no other items mixed in
  • New way: A more free-form arrangement, where some books are upright while others are on their sides. Throw in unusual bookends, some knickknacks, and travel finds to make it more interesting.
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