I as just reading one of my old magazines, Wired Mag August 2008 edition, i found that i skipped a page before. I haven't encountered anyone posting them, but i guess this list is pretty hilarious. I have Posted in my facebook once, that i am watching a certain movie again, except that it's not "The Notebook"...
Things Not To Say in a Facebook Status Update

2. Rubbing cream on that thing that I noticed last weekend. Doesn't seem to be working.
3. Buying DC Universe Classics Wave 5 the Atom at Wal-Mart! Build-a-figure Metallo is complete!
4. Feeling trapped in this male body.
5. Jesus, I'm lonely.
6. D'oh! Accidentally trimmed my pickin' nail.
7. Watching The Notebook again.
8. Quick! does anyone know the age of consent in Kentucky?
9. Just came up with a new emoticon for sanguine [:<
10. Thinking about maybe talking to someone
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