The 10 Biggest and Deadliest Heart Myths
  • Myth #1—Heart disease and heart attacks are an inevitable part of aging. Truth #1—Your risk of a heart attack does NOT have to increase as you age. (In fact, keep reading and you'll learn how to completely eliminate it!)
  • Myth #2—Cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease and heart attacks. Truth #2—Most people who die of heart disease have low or normal cholesterol levels. Focus on cholesterol and you can easily overlook much more important risk factors.
  • Myth #3—Blood pressure drugs help you avoid heart problems and live longer. Truth #3—Blood pressure drugs usually don't help you live longer or lower your heart attack risk (unless you follow the advice in this Special Report).
  • Myth #4—Aggressive, "type A" behavior increases your risk of a heart attack. Truth #4—Being an aggressive, "type A" personality is perfectly harmless to your heart. But certain overlooked emotions do skyrocket your risk.
  • Myth #5—Low-fat, low cholesterol diets are good for you and your heart. Truth #5—Low-fat, lowcholesterol diets are even worse than useless (and so depressing). They can actually harm you. (We'll tell you how.)
  • Myth #6—Any exercise is always good for your heart. Truth #6—Strenuous exercise can actually increase your risk of heart disease by 10,000 percent.
  • Myth #7—There are two kinds of cholesterol: Good and bad. Truth #7—There's good, good cholesterol and bad, good cholesterol. Likewise, there's bad cholesterol and REALLY bad cholesterol. (Many die because they don't know this information.)
  • Myth #8—You should eat less salt. Truth #8—Only some people benefit from eating less salt. Eating too little salt can actually be harmful.
  • Myth #9—You should lose weight if you're "overweight." Truth #9—Likewise, only some people considered "overweight" really need to lose weight for their heart health. It depends on one factor.
  • Myth #10—There's no way to absolutely, positively avoid a heart attack. Truth #10—You can absolutely, positively eliminate any risk of a heart attack for yourself and those you love—thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Mogadam that's revealed in the pages that follow.
  • In fact, what Dr. Mogadam has discovered is so revolutionary that this usually modest doctor now unequivocally claims: "Every heart attack is now preventable."

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