Do you miss your old Polaroid cameras? or Do you miss seeing photos like this one? There aren't much Polaroid cameras on the market today, because digital cameras have taken over.. Some may still sell them, but the film used in polaroid cameras are a bit expensive sometime, or not widely sold at all..

But do'nt worry, because there is
Poladroid... Polardroid is a software that turns any regular picture on your computer into an old fashioned Polaroid picture. You just need to download the software, and install it your computer, and voila! Your set..And one thing is for sure, its free..

You can visit the homepage of the site here:
Here is the download link

I am so glad i found this software, its one of my favorite software right now.. I can now my put the polaroid images into my facebook and friendster account...

If you still want to have a Polaroid of your own, i saw a digital Polaroid camera being sold in some computer stores in our area, i am not sure how much it cost.. But the software is cool enough...


~Diamond Kelsch~

2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice post! I really like that featured item. I'm having my friend download it for me now :D My personal computer isn't that high-tech so I can't accommodate the newer software because of their system requirements.

    I'll be sure to process a few of my pictures to see how they come out.

    BTW, I saw your other blog on your profile, it doesn't have anything on it o.o not even one post? :P

  2. Diamond Says:

    thanks, i deleted that blog already...

    when you are using polardroid, it will develop the picture like a polaroid, so you need to wait for a couple of seconds for the color of the picture to show...


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