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I have been using Plagiarism Checker for a while now to make sure the projects and assignment i turn in school is genuine and , its very handy for me as student.. It's very easy to use too, since all you need to is copy and paste your project or easy into the text box and click on the check the paper button.. It will then checked whether its plagiarized or not.. This tool is also beneficial for teachers who want to check the papers of the students if its plagiarized or not. This tool will check if your document is similar to those that are found in the Internet. This tool is intended only to correct some in your documents that are plagiarized, it will not check all the sentences or paragraphs that you submit.. I still use it thought, because it helps me know what parts of my assignment is the same with those already presented in the net, so that i can rephrase it or use my own words..

Here is the link to the site:
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