Fair Share?

Are you and yoursis forever battling it out over precious space in your room? Here's how to keep the peace.

It's something we've known since kindergarten: sharing is good! But it isn't always - easy - especially if you ave to share a room with a sibling. Solve these common rommie dilemmas with a few nifty tricks!

Sitch (Situations)

  • solution: DRAW THE LINE: Divide the room in half. You don't literally have to paint a line on the floor, just use a rug to mark your territory.

  • solution: COMPLEMENT YOUR SPACES: You may be a girly girl while your roomie's an edgy chick, but your room doesn't need to look like one big mess! Pick prints that reflect booth styles but make sure to use similar hues. Another trick is to put your choice movie posters (no matter what genre in indentical frames.
  • solution: KEEP IT SEPARATED: Assign one type of storage box per person to make sure your things don't get mixed up. And gently remind her to keep her knicknacks hidden away in boxes

solution: DIVY (DIVIDE) IT UP.: When buildin a wall isn't an option, go for the next best thing - a divider that you can set when you need some "me" time. The bonus? You can fold it right back up when you want to hang out with your sis or roomie.
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