Cheat Sheet To A Healthier You

There are no shortcuts to healthy living, but a busy person can always do the next best thing...

It's no mean feat to be the poster girl / boy for All Thing Healthy when you're plunked in the chaos that is school (high school, college, etc) In between rushing to finish your homework, splitting time among family and friends, and being active in your clubs, you're lucky if you're able to devote any time to a good fitness and wellness plan. However there are always ways to stay on top of your health - quick alternative doses that cost next to nothing.

Real Thing: Hit the treadmill a day.
Next Best Thing: Sneak in your Cardio - wherever, whenever.
  • Get your heart pumping every day by getting off the couch. It isn't too difficult - the places you frequent often offer great oppurtunities for cardiovascular activities. Take the stairs instead of the mall escalator or exert more effort during your next PE class.

Real Thing: Drink eight glasses of water a day.
Next Best Thing: Down water regularly.
  • Recent findings have shows that eight glasses of water isn't the optimum amount - it's more of a figure that reminds people to stay hydrated.
  • Listen to your body and down some more H2O when you're thirsty and on a regular basis. You know you're getting enough water when your pee is a very pale yellow.
Real Thing: Sleep eight hours day.
Next Best Thing: Take a nap / siesta.
  • Napping is a great picker - upper after burning the midnight oil! A 20 - to - 40 minute nap is enough to give you the extra jolt of energy you need to last the day. Schedule your nap any time before 4 pm so you won't have a hard tome hitting the pillows come night time.
Real Thing: Build muscle through strength training.
Next Best Thing: Train sans the complicated weights and machines.
  • A lot of exercises are dosable with stuff you already have.
  • Stack up encyclopedias to make a bench for step-ups that'll target your butt and legs.
  • Strengthen your calves by setting the balls of your feet on a thick book and slowly rising your toes.

Real Thing: Eat healthy dishes.
Next Best Thing: Go for the lesser Evil.
  • You can't always avoid canteen / cafeteria foods.
  • Work around it by choosing grilled instead of fried, or eating yogurt instead of ice cream. It's all about making the healthier choice.
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